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21 Pilots Type Beat – Different


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    21 Pilots Type Beat Kyle Ford

Kyle Mackall, music producer at Baltimore’s Sound Shack Recording Studio, has a unique new free mp3 music download on offer. The innovative composition of “Different” brings back an authentic new wave/industrial feel with a contemporary slant: there’s a clean, thick beat overlaid with catchy string-synth melodies. Included in this months download free music initiative, “Different” progresses through added layers, at times sounding rich and complex, and at others minimalist. Breaks are varied and beats are heavy, pushing you out of your comfort zone and into a bigger groove. Whether you are lifting in the gym or on a long road trip, this track conveys a bold, strong feel that will keep you pushing forward.  

The title of the track speaks for itself: this is something a little bit…different. It makes you feel like something new is happening, perhaps even making you feel like you’re stepping into some sort of post-apocalyptic sci-fi film (think Mad Max Fury Road). The sound is reminiscent of the massively popular electro-punk band Twenty One Pilots, whose most recent hit “Heathens” was featured on the Suicide Squad soundtrack. This is the only band besides Elvis and the Beatles to have two hits at once in the Billboard 100 with “Ride” and “Heathens.” “Heathens” and “Different” have a similar feel: both throw out heavy industrial beats with dark-wave melodies that bring you through are journey that is at once unpretentious, slightly creepy and somehow empowering. The Rolling Stone  article written by Andy Greene goes more in to depth about the impact of the new band. After listening to a couple of their tracks, I found myself checking out for upcoming shows and tour dates. Clearly there’s something very hot about this sound right now!  

There’s something to be said for a creative, dark track that evokes movement. “Different” seems progressive, starting out subtle and building into a series of climax-type moments, then dropping into playful and irregular changes towards the end. The track keeps moving with ascending synth string melodies that break just at the right spots, littered with unexpected textural overtones. The melody carries through with some slightly unexpected shifts, even to the point where the rhythm becomes slightly irregular which can feel momentarily confusing…in the best way possible. This is a dynamic track with raw-yet-clean feel, which makes it the perfect addition to your gym or creativity playlist. Grab your free mp3 download today and checkout other unique songs from our beat store. Our engineers use Ableton Live! and other DAWs to create our music.  

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