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Chance The Rapper Type Beat – Dance Dance Dance

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    Dance Dance Dance

    Chance The Rapper Type Beat Kyle Ford

Listening to Maryland music producer Kyle Ford’s original track “Dance Dance Dance” makes you feel like you’re slipping into a cool pool on a hot day: the airy, mid-tempo R&B sound is light and refreshing, perfect for putting on during a day at the beach, while cruising the city or maybe at a backyard barbecue. The crisp, tight beat is just energizing enough to keep the groove going at a party or your heart pumping through those last few minutes of a sweet cardio session without being overbearing. If you’re looking for a custom beat download to dance to that’s super energizing and clean, this is a sweet pick.

The track, recorded at Maryland’s Sound Shack Recording Studio  is reminiscent of hip hop artist Chance The Rapper‘s hopeful sound that seems to say “relax, play, love life.” Upbeat and eclectic, “Dance Dance Dance” brings to mind one of Chance’s high-energy hits, “Angels,” a song comprised of a dynamic range of breaks and beats with layered horn overlay and upbeat lyrics, each layer held together by warming marimba melodies. Chance has this way of bringing clarity and warmth to his work in a way that just gives the room a warm, positive vibe. This is the kind of music that’s great to put in if you’re feeling a little low and are in need of a quick pick-me-up. The Complex interview written by Nadeska Alexis goes more in to depth about the the impact Chance has had on hip hop and the responsibilities that come with it

Dance Dance Dance has a bit of a muted, classic R &B feel in the intro. It then builds a warm, open synth-based melody into light glitchy beats: it’s always there, but never too over-the-top. The track is versatile but still flows well, each section breaking into something a little different than the last. The layered beats and variety of synth sounds give way to a solid, flowing blend that offers an airy, beachy feel. It’s a refreshing combination of quick, tight drums and warm, open melodies. After listening to a couple of his tracks, I found myself checking for upcoming tour dates. If you’re looking for some warm, accessible, fun vibes to keep you and your friends moving, you can download your free Sound Shack Studio mp3 sample today! 


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