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Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat – Rainy Day

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    Rainy Day

    Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat Kyle Mackall

Are you a fan of the darker side of hip hop? Have you ever heard of the genre horror core? Chances are that even if you haven’t heard of the genre, you’ll have heard a few goth-rap style artists by now, artists like Eminem or Earl Sweatshirt, whose dark themes and moody melodies combine with thick, rolling bass lines often accompanied by crescendo-style compositions end up somehow being simultaneously slightly eerie yet completely empowering. XXL has confirmed that Earl is working on a new album so this beat is in spirit of the talented rapper. 

What’s the draw to this kind of music? It’s moody, it’s strong, it makes you dig in and face the dark side, the messy stuff—and there’s nothing wrong with this. The Recording engineers at Maryland Sound Shack had fun with this track, albeit its darker tone. If you love moody hip hop and think Eminem is one of the best, you’ll love “Rainy Day,” a dark, slick track that Baltimore music producer Kyle Ford created just for you. Parts of this track are even classically-inspired, reminiscent of horror film soundtracks filled with broad baselines and strings in minor keys. Definitely dramatic, always powerful, this one hints of a kind of delightful creepiness…soft, but a little bit off putting. The broody industrial sound draws you in, makes you think.  

Eminem and Insane Clown Posse are gangsta rap kicked up a notch—dramatic and over-the-top, but kind of courageous. You know when you go to the gym because you’re feeling small, or maybe a bit angry, and you need a dose of attitude, of confidence? You kinda want to punch someone, but you won’t, but you have to get it out somehow. You need a little don’t-mess-with-me type of confidence boost when lifting.

This track isn’t as aggressive as that, though; it’s a little more on the melodic, strings-based end, transgressive and unsettling but also sort of ethereal. This could create an amazing atmosphere for getting down and dirty—creatively, that is. So if you need a little boost of confidence from the dark end, if you want something to give you a little motivation, check out Sound Shack Recording Studios’ custom instrumental tracks and stop by by for upcoming tour dates and merch.

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