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Kanye West Type Beat – I Know

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    I Know

    Kanye West Type Beat Kyle Mackall

Kyle Ford, music producer at Baltimore’s Sound Shack Recording Studio, has a unique beat download on offer for your listening enjoyment. His latest hip – hop track, “I Know” ,  is a track that packs some attitude and punch. The beat kicks in hard with a solid dose of snare drum and cymbal and is layered with a dramatic piano riff that brings to mind a heavy, pushy beat reminiscent of Kanye West after he eased into the electro genre. The track had me revisiting old Kanye beats and checking out for upcoming tour dates to see when he’ll be back in town. “I Know” will give you the get-up-and-go you need if you’ve been sitting around for a while, whether you’re overdue for a trip to the gym, a club night, a super long bike ride or a group road trip, this will make you want to get out the door.  

This artist has experimented with almost every genre in his extensive musical career, all of which end up into fusing into some form of alternative hip hop. Kanye West’s YouTube page is a testament to his musical diversity.  The New York Times music article written by Jon Caramancia also does a great job exploring the wide dynamic range of such a complex artist. “I Know” evokes something akin to West in the way he often produces tracks with dark and sometimes trippy overlays. The track gives a similar feel to West’s “Heartless,” which features near-monotone autotune vocals with a trip-hop backdrop that matches the level his supposed heartbreak. Simultaneously cool and detached, but still dramatic, West’s “Stronger” gives us this super powerful in-your-face, confident and highly produced, rich, pushed out rolling beat. 

This hip hop track created by Maryland music recording studio, Baltimore Sound Shack evokes a moody techno-based hip-hop of the early 2000’s, maybe not quite as bumpin’ as Redman’s “Let’s Get Dirty” but still with a whole lot of sass, pushing the envelope in a strong and powerful way with the abrupt beats and in-your-face piano. The melody and gradually added layers introduced throughout the song create a complex feel that make it the perfect addition to almost any get-up-and-go type playlist. It’s expansive, anthemic, with building crescendos and melodic piano. Kyle’s custom created beat was produced with a similar feel in mind: a full-on, headstrong attitude. Grab your free music download, listen and be empowered.


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