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Kid Cudi Type Beat – Fly With Me

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    Fly With Me

    Kid Cudi Type Beat Kyle Ford

Kyle Ford, music producer at the Baltimore Sound Shack Recording Studios, has a fresh custom beat for your listening pleasure. This one is a little heavy, dark and mysterious, a la original alternative-trip-hop masters like Tricky or Massive Attack but with a little bit of a sharper intensity. There are hints of experimental hip hop in here too (think Pharcyde and a Tribe Called Quest). The moody, deep textures in ”Fly With Me” could make the perfect backdrop for rolling around the city or chilling with friends playing video games.

The track is diverse all the way through, reminiscent of Tricky’s classic hit “Overcome:” A deep base tempo that keeps you rolling juxtaposed by an  in-your-face-snare sound that keeps you sharp. Both tracks has a way of sort of pulling you into a rhythm almost against your will…it’s dark and you don’t quite know where you’re going, but that’s why you want to stay there. It’s moody but still a little playful, a combination which creates a perfect atmosphere of intrigue and introspection. Both tracks sit in a minor key that’s brooding but somehow still upbeat, inviting the listener into a dark, urban journey. Similar most of trip hop artist Kid Cudi ‘s repertoire,  they’re introspective, bringing us into ourselves and exploring a little. This track could be a great backdrop for those nights you just feel like staying in and fixing stuff, making things or getting creative.  This beat is very reminiscent of Kid Cudi’s darker side which is further explored in the Billboard article written by Brad Wete. 

Kyle’s “Fly With Me” has a heavier, rougher sound, reminiscent of alternative rapper Kid Cudi’s’ huge 2009 hit  “Pursuit Of Happiness,” which features some bizarre backwards guitar layers that create an ethereal but vaguely off putting feel. Like Kid Cudi, Ford manages to bring a certain openness to the rhythm. Cudi’s’ beats come through a little cleaner, where  “Fly With Me” is a little on the rough side, evoking a raw and direct urban edge. This beat is sexy, driven, sharp but without too much attack. The melody and gradually added layers introduced throughout the song create a layered, complex feel that make it the perfect addition to almost any playlist. This beat had me checking out so that I could re up on some merch. Grab your free mp3 download today


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