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Mac Miller Type Beat – Midnight Train

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    Midnight Train

    Mac Miller Type Beat Kyle Mackall

Kyle Ford, music producer at Baltimore Sound Shack Recording Studio, has a unique Mac Miller-inspired mp3 music download on offer. Reminiscent of classic 90’s R&B and hip hop (the Beasties, Lauryn Hill, Tribe Called Quest, and Outkast were a few of Mac’s influences), “Midnight Train” is an airy, bright trance track with a slight shuffle beat overlaid with a soothing xylophone-like riff that’s relaxing enough to lull you into a trance. It’s smooth, with just enough shuffle to keep you from completely falling asleep…maybe. The dreamy vibe could be a great soundscape for a yoga or study session, a chill night with friends or maybe even a little romance.  Grantland has a good article that goes into depth about Mac Miller’s musical process and the approach he takes to making an album. 

Mac Miller has a sort of smooth, old-school, slick hip hop sound—it’s accessible, easy. has most of his material online to stream for free, new listeners can get a taste of his style there. There’s an early Michael Jackson feel to it, sometimes interspersed with smooth horns and rhythms of classic R&B and jazz rap too. There’s a certain upbeat, positive swing to it—it’s incredibly light but never bland. Both “Dang” and “Stay” are just open and bright and dynamic, a feeling that’s highlighted by a sort of slick jazz trumpet riff running through “Stay.” There’s a really open and organic feeling to both songs, something that’s rare in highly produced hip hop or rap-based contemporary pop music. Any listener can find a consistent theme in his music by simply visiting Mac Miller’s YouTube Channel.

Like Miller’s music, “Midnight Train” is the kind of music that’s easy to chill out to, starting off slow and light and building into something even brighter while still staying easy—it’s not out to attack you; it invites you in, carries you along with the flow. The combination of medium-tempo beats, gentle shuffle riffs, and soft, open sounds offer an atmosphere that’s safe and comfortable…you just want to cozy up to it, stay in this dreamy world that keeps you going while letting you slowly drift away. This is a world where you’re never assaulted by sharp attacks; you can focus but still zone out; it’s meditative. The lightly interspersed layers here create a sound that’s bound to be the addition to your mellow playlists. Grab your custom music download from Baltimore’s Sound Shack Studios today, take a load off and chill out.

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