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Monthly Music Download – April 2017

  • 01


    21 Pilots Type Beat Kyle Ford

  • 02

    Fly With Me

    Kid Cudi Type Beat Kyle Ford

  • 03

    Dance Dance Dance

    Chance The Rapper Type Beat Kyle Ford

This month’s music download includes several different custom beat creations from Maryland music producer Kyle Ford. The first track, “Different,” carries a sound inspired by the popular group Twenty One Pilots, brings back an authentic new wave feel with a contemporary slant: the beat is thick but clean and the shifting, catchy string-synth melodies give it an edge that makes you want to get up and go. “Fly With Me” has a heavier, rougher sound, reminiscent of alternative rapper Kid Cudi’s’ huge 2009 hit “Pursuit Of Happiness.” It’s moody but still a little playful, a combination which creates a perfect atmosphere of intrigue and introspection. Although it parallels more of his older work, you can still find similarities to the newer stuff on Kid Cudi’s Youtube Page. If you’re more in the mood for something chill, “Midnight Train” starts off slow and light, invites you into a mid-tempo flow that’s easy to cozy up to. And “Dance Dance Dance,” draws inspiration from Chance the Rapper page which captures his style of hip hop: light, clean, and energizing, this sweet beat is perfect for keeping your summer party vibe rolling.

In other news, Baltimore Sound Shack Studios is growing! We’re excited to announce the official purchase of our new studio space at 2200 Hammonds Ferry Road, in Baltimore. We’re busy treating the room with the best sound-absorbing material, building a custom vocal booth and carefully placing specialized equipment like bass traps for clean acoustics. Our aim is to offer a comfortable space with the most innovative acoustic treatment methods so that our musicians have the highest quality sound recording experiences. The studio is open 24/7.  We’re also busy prepping the website and getting it ready for the official launch come April. Stay tuned in for plenty of fresh hip hop, EDM, reggae, rock tracks and innovative content to be added to our beat store.

We’re excited to be sharing some of our original beats and footage at Brooklyn’s incredible Northside Festival this June. The Northside Festival brings together independent thought leaders and creators across backgrounds, media genres and industries. It’s where creative entrepreneurs come together to discuss tech and entrepreneurship as well as showcase a variety of independent media (music, film, and multimedia art). Last year the festival hosted more than 400 artists of all backgrounds and levels. We can’t wait to connect of Northside’s incredibly talented community of independent artists and thought leaders! I highly encourage everyone to check out to see what it’s all about.


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