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Live Sound Engineering

Front Of House Audio Engineer

From music festivals to modest venues, Sound Shack engineers have a wide range of Front of House experience. Servicing Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C and all across the east cost, our live sound engineers are eager to mix any show no matter how big or how small.

Yamaha, Soundcraft, Midas, Behringer and Mackie are only some of the different audio mixers that our engineers are comfortable with. Sound Shack is also more than happy to provide a sound reinforcement system along with a live sound engineer to get the job done!

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Monitor Audio Engineer

In live sound situations, front of house engineers are only one piece of the puzzle. Sound Shack Studios also provides monitor engineers that will take care of things behind the scenes. Our monitor engineers have experience mixing in a variety of settings with bands of all sizes. Hiring a competent monitor engineer is just as important as having a professional at the front of house.

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Sound Shack Live Sound Engineering

Whether we are mixing in a studio or sitting at front of house , Sound Shack audio engineers feel right at home. New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C are only a few of the locations that our live sound engineers are willing to travel. Sound Shack provides Front of House audio engineers, monitor sound technicians, live sound digital mixers, JBL Concert speakers, power amplifiers and subwoofer rentals. Our live music sound engineers are here for you whether you need a free consultation or complete sound reinforcement for your event.

Recording Live Music

Sound Shack audio engineers can capture the sound you want inside and out of the studio. Live performance recordings are a nice edition to any studio project. In some situations, live sound tracks can even sound better than studio recordings because of the reaction and energy from the crowd. Sound Shack sound technicians will connect our music production equipment with the venue's pa system and track every bit of your performance. Combined with our photography and videography services, you will leave with more than just a studio album.

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live sound reinforcement

Having trouble picking out a professional sound system for your event? Sound Shack Studios will gladly point you in the right direction. From concert speakers and line arrays to subwoofers and power amplifier rentals, Sound Shack will help you pick the best sound system setup that fits your needs. Our engineers are happy to provide a free consultation for any questions that you may have and create a realistic rental quote based on industry standard pa system rental rates.

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