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Music Promotion

How can people listen to your music if they don't know that it exists? Music blogging, Instagram promotion services and SoundCloud shoutouts are only a few of the music promotion services offered by Sound Shack. Although the internet has done great things for the music industry by making content more available and easy to share, it has also raised the competition to another level.

Simply posting your music to Spotify does not guarantee that it will reach your audience. Put yourself one step ahead of the competition by using Sound Shack's music platform to promote your work. Sound Shack offers a variety of music promotion services that can be custom tailored to your needs.

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Photography & Videography

Artist have the option of using our in house photography services to collect footage during their studio sessions and can also take advantage of our green screen for even more possibilities. Our filming services also extend outside of the recording studio.

In order to capture your performances and the energy from the crowd, Sound Shack will send our professional music photographers to your gigs. Pictures taken from this perspective are great for music promotion and social media.

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Social Media Manager

Creating a great sounding project is only one piece of the puzzle. In this day in age, establishing and maintaining an online presence is just as important. Posting content to youtube, Instagram, facebook, twitter, soundcloud and other social media platforms on a regular basis can be a very time consuming process.

Sound Shack offers a wide variety of social media management packages that ensure your music is not only online but is also ranking on a consistent basis so that the artist can focus on making great sounding music. Whether you only need instagram management or a custom social media management plan, Sound Shack is here to help.

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Brand Management

Maryland music producer Kyle Mackall understands that managing, and growing, your brand is just as important as a great sounding mix. The creative minds at Baltimore Sound Shack Studios are here to make sure that your music is being heard. We have invented a unique and extremely flexible brand management program that can be custom tailored to each individual artist. Our Social Media Manager plan covers all popular social media platforms such as youtube, twitter, tumblr, facebook and anything else you can think of. Our professional music bloggers will write content about your work and share it on popular outlets such as blogger, google + and other major blogging platforms. Combined with our professional photography and videography, Sound Shack can create an all around music promotion service plan custom built for your needs. Sound Shack can even give your work a little inspiration from Washington DC with out graphic design services. Artist can even take it to another level by hiring web developers from Sound Shack to build them a custom website. This gives music artists a way to promote all of their content from one place and also gives them a platform to sell their merchandise.

Graphic Design

Building a brand on a solid design is crucial. Album art, brand logos and merchandise are only a few of the graphic design services that we offer. Take advantage of the creative minds at Sound Shack to promote your music and build your brand. .

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Web Development

Promoting your own content on a custom built website will set you apart from the competition. Sound Shack will design and develop a website from the ground up that will allow you to aggregate all of your work in one place.

On top of a solid website, Sound Shack will also load it with SEO to ensure that your content is being seen. This makes it easier for fans to find your music and even gives you a platform to sell your merchandise.

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