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Recording, Mixing and Mastering

Recording, mixing, and mastering is 3 separate tasks.
Mixing/mastering determines the final outcome of your project, and how good the recordings end up sounding. It is advised to leave enough time for mixing/mastering when booking your session. (Suggested time to adequately mix/master a track is 1-2 hours, and is ideally done in a separate session then the recording session)
EXAMPLE: Let's say you booked 1 hour of studio time. It ends up taking the whole hour to record the song. Since you only booked 1 hour of studio time, the engineer will not mix or alter the recording any further then what was accomplished in that hour.
However, if you had booked 2 hours of studio time, you would have an extra hour to sit down and mix your song with the engineer. This ensures that you get a product you are satisfied with.


Custom Song Creation

Using Ableton Live, Pro Tools and Logic, Sound Shack will build you a custom song from the ground up. Our engineers will not stop until you are 110% happy with the final product. From ghostwriting to custom beat creation, our music recording studio is ready to bring your song to life. We are experienced with producing rap, alternative rock, electronic, pop and may other genres of music.

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Sound Shack Recording Studio

Unlike other music production companies, the work doesn't end when your song is finished. Our music production courses and engineers will support the growth of not only your music but your entire career as well. Although we service all of Maryland, Washington D.C and Virginia, Sound Shack Studios is always looking for ways to participate in the global audio engineering society. Sound Shack is more than happy to work on projects remotely and mix music online with Ableton Live, Logic and Pro Tools to make sure your project is delivered on time.

Beat Store

With over 40 released instrumentals in the Ford Beats Music Catalog, Sound Shack Studios has a beat for everyone. From experimental rock, hardcore punk, blues, country, dubstep, r&b, indie rock, EDM, pop, R&B and electronic are only a few of the music styles we cater to. If you are unable to find something that suits, our engineers are always looking for the opportunity to sharpen their skills. Let us know what you're looking for and we will be more than happy to make it happen.

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DAWS Digital Classroom: Pro Tools | Ableton Live | Logic

Nothing can beat hands on experience when it comes to learning how to record, mix and master music. Maryland music producer Kyle Mackall will sit down and teach you the crucial fundamentals of audio engineering, recording studio microphones and music recording software.

Digital audio workstations, music recording equipment and industry standard best practices are all covered in the Sound Shack Studios digital classroom courses. Unlike other recording studios in Maryland, Sound Shack offers in person lessons to make sure you fully understand how to use the right music mixing software suited for your needs.

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